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 I  practice Integral/Transpersonal Psychotherapy, encompassing mind, body,  and spirit, as they are inseparable parts of the whole human. The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. If  all of these connected parts are not in alignment and working together  in concert for your wellbeing, you are likely to experience discomfort  or disease.

We all want to live wholly and completely, and in perfect health…to be  the best that we can possibly be.  So, our physical parts should not be  divorced from our mental or spiritual parts.  Really, they are all the same, of the whole; the seeming separateness is only apparent, not real.  All of these parts comprise the whole human. 


In  future, hopefully, there will be one practitioner who can cover all of  these areas for the person they wish to help.  As things stand today, there are only specialists in particular areas of expertise.  Yet, we try to do what we  can to facilitate your complete health. 

I am not a medical doctor.   It is for this reason that I consult with and often refer patients to Dr. Iván Espinosa, MD.   He holds degrees in  medicine from UNAM (100 years older than Harvard) and from Milano Politecnico in Italy.

While he is a medical doctor, well-trained in Western medicine, he is  also a chiropractor, yoga practitioner, and acupuncturist, and he is well-versed in other ancient and beneficial Eastern treatments and  techniques.  He is also a well-known and respected practitioner in the area of weight-loss treatment.    

He is my own doctor.  I seldom have to see him more than  once for a physical problem to be resolved.  He has given me Qi Gong  exercises, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatments that have helped me greatly with neck, back, and headache pains.  He can also prescribe  medicines that I cannot. 


He  is a very kind and laid-back man. Perhaps he can even give you a consultation in your home!  He is very accommodating.  A good man, a  great doctor, and a venerable human being.  I am very happy to make access to his services available to my patients.

You will agree with me!  


I can also connect you with a "body worker" who practices "structural integration therapy," that is quite unique. He works in an intuitive way.  He knows exactly what your body needs at the moment. I cannot call him a "massage therapist," because he is much more than that. He fixes everything! And he's a really nice guy.








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Structural Integration

structural integration

Antonio Primavera: Psychotherapist in Mexico City

Dr. Antonio Primavera: Psychotherapist

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