Purple Lotus

Therapy Sessions in the Garden


I live in a very old part of Delegación Coyoacán in the south of the city. It’s medieval. It is designated by the government as a pueblo originario. It is not on a grid. 

Its cobblestone streets move like snakes. Really, these are not streets; they are callejones and cerradas, more suited to horses than cars. All is surrounded by high walls of natural volcanic stone. 

The patios and gardens inside the compund are lovely and peaceful. They are filled with local plants, trees, and flowers. Also, there are three wonderful and friendly cats who wander about the grounds.

Having sessions here can be much more comfortable and inviting than in an office. No waiting room, secretary/receptionist, no elevator (ground floor! Earthquakes, anyone?), no security guards to "sign in"with.

The place lies between Eje 9 Sur (Miguel Angel de Quevedo) and Eje 10 Sur (Coplico). Between Metros Taxqueña and Copilco. A short ($20 pesos) taxi from either station.  And, of course, there are buses from either station that travel Eje 10 (to the Chedraui supermarket).  That is the closest reliable landmark.  I will meet you there! 

Dr. Antonio Primavera: Psychotherapist

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