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Garden Sessions: Dr. Antonio Primavera: Psychotherapist in Mexico City


I live in a very old part of Delegación Coyoacán in the south of the city. It’s medieval (It is designated by the government as a pueblo originario.). It is not on a grid. 

Its cobblestone streets move like snakes. All is surrounded by high walls of natural volcanic stone. There are two houses with my house’s same number in the same street. Really, these are not streets; they are callejones and cerradas, more suited to horses than cars. 

The patios and gardens inside the compund are lovely and peaceful. They are filled with local plants, trees, and flowers. Also, there are three wonderful and friendly cats who wander about the grounds.

Having sessions here can be much more comfortable and inviting than in some silly office.

We can do away with a lot of the typical crap of a therapy session. No waiting room, secretary/receptionist, no elevator (ground floor! Earthquakes, anyone?), no security guards to "sign in"with.

The place lies between Eje 9 Sur (Miguel Angel de Quevedo) and Eje 10 (Coplico). Between Metros Taxqueña and Copico. A short ($20 pesos) taxi from either station.  And, of course, there are buses from either station that travel Eje 10 (to the Chedraui supermarket).  That is the closest reliable landmark.  I will meet you there! 

 Tantra  says that life is more like a river.  It is not running on iron rails, on tracks; really, it is like a river.  The path has not even been  charted before.  As the river flows, the path is created.  As the river moves, the path is created.  The river will reach to the sea, and this is how life should be if you understand the Tantra way.

Life is like a river.  There is no precharted way; there are no maps to  be given to you which are to be followed.  Just be alive and alert, and  then wheresoever life leads you go with full confidence in it.  Tantra  is trust—a trust in the life force.  Allow it to lead you, don’t force  it.  Surrender to it and allow it to lead you towards the sea.  Just be  alert, that is all.  While life leads you toward the sea, just be alert  so that you don’t miss anything.

The ocean, the ultimate, cannot just be a happening in the end.  It  cannot be.  It is a growth.  The river is “growing” to be the sea.  It  is not simply going to meet the sea, it is “growing” to be the sea, and  this is possible only through rich experience, alert experiences,  moving, trusting.  This is how Tantra looks at the search—at the human  search.  Of course it is dangerous.  If rivers can be run through  predetermined paths, there would be less danger, fewer errors.  But the  whole beauty of aliveness would be lost.

—Osho from his Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Commentary (also published as The Book of Secrets in 5 volumes) from talks given 25.3.1973—8.11.1973 

Dr. Antonio Primavera: Psychotherapist

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For the past 8 years I have worked as a volunteer psychologist/ psychotherapist at a low-cost community mental health clinic in Barrio Tepito (the worst area of Mexico).

The people in this area suffer greatly.  There is drug, alcohol, and inhalent addiction, physical and mental abuse (child, wife, husband, etc.), prostitution, violent crime, etc.  You name it and it's there. 

I am doing what little I can to help.  Little by little, person by person, couple by couple, child by child, family by family.  It is hard work and it takes its toll on me physically and mentally.

I work to make this country (Mexico) better, so that Mexicans can live decent lives in their own country.

Any money received through this is to help me to survive (to keep a roof over my head and a little food to sustain me).

NAMASTE!  God bless you! 

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